The Book of Monotheism

(Salih Aalush’Sheikh – Minister of The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs – in the introduction of his Book (At’Tamheed) the explanation of this Book)

“And (The Book of Monotheism) … is a very Great Book, Whereas all the scholars unanimously agreed that not a book like it has been compiled in its subject, therefore it is unique and matchless in its field, none of its like was patterned, because the Author – May Allah have mercy on him – embarked in this book on the issues of the Oneness of worship, and what opposes that Oneness, either from its roots, or what opposes its perfection.

So the Book had the exclusive advantage of gathering in pattern the chapters of Monotheism detailed and verified with its evidence (mentioned with it), and in this manner:
– in details
– organized
– having the issues of Monotheism made into chapters
there isn’t any who has beat the Sheikh to that, therefore the need of the students of knowledge to it, and to knowing it’s meanings is critical, because of what it contained of the verses, Hadeeth[s], and benefits.

And some of the scholars compared this book to be a piece from Saheehul’ Bukhaari – May Allah have mercy on him -, and this is clear, that is because the Sheikh – May Allah Have mercy on him – followed Al Imamul Bukhaari‘s Pattern in his Book from the aspect of the titles he chooses, for it contains – Mostly – a verse, and a hadeeth, and the verses points out to the title (of the chapters), and the Hadeeth points out to the title (of the Chapters), and what comes after is an explanation to it.

And also what he mentions of the quotes of the people of knowledge of the Companions, their followers, or the Imams of Islam, is on the same pattern of Al Bukhaari – may Allah have mercy on him -, for he (Al Bukhaari) Mentions the quotes of the scholars in clarifying the meanings.

And the author began to write this Book in Al Basrah (of Iraq), when he had traveled to it (in Seeking knowledge).
And the reason to writing this Book: is what he saw of the spreading of setting up rivals with Allah (in worship), and of the perishing of the correct meaning of Monotheism with the Muslims, and what he has seen from them of the practices of Polytheism: Major, Minor, and hidden. So he started in Al Basrah putting together this Book, and finely compiling the evidence to it’s issues. His student and grandson As’Sheikh Abdur’Rahmaan bin Hasan – May Allah have mercy on him – mentioned that is (Al Maqaamaat) [a Book of his].

Furthermore the Sheikh when he came to Najd (of Saudi) compiled the Book and completed it, then it became – truly – a Book of Calling to the true Monotheism, Because the Sheikh clarified in it the foundations of the evidences of Monotheism, and clarified in it it’s meaning in detail, as he has mentioned what opposes it, and the fear of what opposes it, and clarified also the single issues of Monotheism, and the single issues of The Oneness of Allah’s Names and attributes generally, and cared of clarifying The Major and Minor Polytheism and it’s practices, and the ways leading to both, and clarified what Monotheism is protected by, and the ways to that, and also clarified some of The Oneness of Lordship.
So This Book is of a very great benefit, worthy to be taken care of, memorizing, studying, and pondering upon, so the Slave [of Allah] is in need of it to act upon it, and convey what knowledge it contains to the people after him, in the Masjid, the House, the place of work, and in any other side.

And the point is: whoever understood this Book, has surely understood most of the issue of Monotheism, better yet he will understand most of it’s issues”.

(Salih Aalush’Sheikh – Minister of The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs – in the introduction of his Book (At’Tamheed) the explanation of this Book)


>> Download the book which used on the class:

Kitab At-Tauhid (Book of Monotheism) by Shaykul Islam  Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab At-Tamimmi (Rahimahullah)

The Arabic Text :  DOWNLOAD HERE

The English Translation : DOWNLOAD HERE


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