How to Join

01 This course is held on WIZIQ site [], if you never have an account in this site, make a WIZIQ account first [CLICK HERE]

02 To Know Closer the Teacher “USTAD FAHAD AL TAHIRI” Open His WIZIQ Profile [CLICK HERE] and read his biography [CLICK HERE]

03 Folow the Teacher “USTADH FAHAD AL TAHIRI” on his WIZIQ profile and ask for Contact, after you are in teacher’s contact list, you will get invitation of His Upcoming Classes on Wiziq [CLICK HERE]

04 The Classes will be presented EVERYDAY, Dont Forget to check your wiziq inbox or your email subscription to get the invitation and information of the links of the upcoming classes

05 In this page you can view all recordings of the past classes on WIZIQ site in various topics, after you have CONTACT with the teacher YOU STILL HAVE CHANCE TO ENROLL THE CURRENT CLASS NOW !



Classes on Wiziq site are held in two forms:

1. Public Class
2. Private Class

According to the Wiziq Policies, if you have problem to view or download the Recodings of Private Class, you should to be contacted first with the Presenter/the Teacher, by clicking the buttons “Add as Contact” and “Follow this Member” on teacher’s Wiziq profile, [click here]


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