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Know From Whom You Take Knowledge

Source : From Ustadh Fahad Al Tahiri Personal Site

Famous statement of Imam Muhammad Ibn Sereen

This knowledge is a matter of deen, so be careful who you take your deen from

About – Fahad Ibn Taher Al Tahiri :

Born and Raised in the UAE, Ustaadh Fahad Ibn Taher Al Tahiri is an Emarati Student of Knowledge and an Imam of the (Imam Ahmad ibnu Hanbal Masjid) currently known as the Masjid of Shiekhah Hissah bintu Mohammad, in the City of Al Ain, Mutaradh District.

As someone who grew up in a bilingual environment (Arabic/English), He felt the Great Responsibility upon his Back to Call to The Religion of Allah those who weren’t of the Arabic tongue, and deliver to them the teachings of the scholars, thus safely Bringing them to the Real genuine steps of Knowledge.

After Graduating from the Higher Colleges of Technology with an H.D. in E-Commerce, he joined Dar Al Hadeeth in Makkah as a corresponding student, for Two Years, to take advantage of its tight Curriculum, and the months he gets to spend in the Holy Land to take the knowledge with the residing scholars.

Then he joined the Institute of the Haram of Makkah for two Years (Corresponding) and after got the opportunity to enrol in Sharjah University, where he is studying currently, in the faculty of Sharee’ah, the field of Foundations of Religion.

Throughout his Seeking of knowledge, Ustaadh At’Taahiriyy got to study under Many Scholars and Carriers of knowledge, such as:

In Monotheism :
  • Sheikh Hamad Ibn Abdul Azeez Al Ateeq (Head of Islamic affairs and Awqaf office in Riyadh – Azeeziyyah branch), and he is of the descendent of Ash’Sheikh Hamad ibn Ateeq – May Allah have mercy on him – one of the Scholars who have written an explanation on the Book of Monotheism Called (Ibtaalut’Tandeed).
  • Azeez ibn Farhaan Al Anaziyy (Head of the Da’wah and Guidance Center of Saudi) Dubai Branch, and one of the people of knowledge whom have Long accompanied and took knowledge from Ash’Sheikh Ibnu Baaz – May Allah have mercy on him. Ustaadh also takes Fiqh from the previously mentioned.
In Hadeeth :
In Mustalah (Principles of Hadeeth) :
Sunnah Methodology :
Sarf and Principles of Jurisprudence :
Nahw and Fiqh :
Qur’an Sciences :
Inheritance :


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