Characters & Manners Building / mutual relationship

Our Moral Crisis

By Shaykh Muhammad Al-`Abdah


How hurtful it is to hear a Muslim complain about the state of some of his brothers, especially those men of Da`wah. The brother mentions their rigidity and in being far removed from implementing Islam’s commands of care, leniency, soft speech, and actual compassion. The brother continues: “I entered hospital, yet was not visited by the brothers I know, but rather by my work colleagues who are ordinary Muslims and moreover, they offered to assist me in all other matters!”


We constantly hear and see how the people of falsehood help each other and those whom they desire to fall under their influence. Yet Muslims are the ones ordered to adhere to the noblest of manners and finest of behaviours, and therefore should not be excelled in this field.


It is worth remembering the hadith regarding the prostitute who gave water to the thirsty dog on a hot day and was subsequently forgiven by Allah and the hadith speaking of the woman who will be punished for imprisoning a cat. Similarly, when the punishment of the alcohol drinker was being inflicted on one man, another cursed him and was then rebuked by the Messenger of Allah sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam, “Do not curse him, for he loves Allah and His Messenger.” And this hadith reminds one of Imam Abu Hanifah’s story with his drunken neighbour who entered prison and was bailed by the Imam resulting in the neighbour’s sincere repentance.


The likely reason for this rigidity and uncouth behaviour by some of the Callers to Islam is their ignorance of the Messenger’s way in uniting the hearts. These Callers when viewing those negligent in practising some voluntary acts of worship might treat them with discourtesy. They might only greet them with a faint voice, full of indifference, not care for them, and not attempting to bring them close through the polite word or good service in order for their hearts to incline to the Sunnah and its people. Indeed the one who looks down at his neglectful brothers suffers from a more severe malady that is self-fancy and pride. This same proud group is often found falling into the detestable backbiting by calling it criticism and evaluation, and where the shortcomings of a Muslim are talked about whilst they probably do not even exist as most of them were derived from mere delusions.


After all that, haven’t we the right to regard a part of our crisis as a moral one? It is a part of our general decline, but without its awareness, we will not be able to find a way out !!!


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